Romo to second string?…..

For nearly five minutes, an emotional Tony Romo addressed his past, present and future as Dallas Cowboys quarterback almost three months after suffering a compression fracture in his back that has kept him out of the first nine games of the regular season. Romo entered 2016 feeling as good about his game as he has ever felt and was able to go through an entire off season program and training camp without any issues from a back that required two surgeries in 2013. The twice-broken left collarbone that forced him to miss 12 games last year was surgically repaired in the off season and now suffered a compression fracture of his L1 vertebra when hit from behind by defensive end Cliff Avril. He attempted to re-enter the game but was held out. After the contest he expressed confidence that his back was able to withstand such a hit but, the next day he was diagnosed with the fracture. Romo….Romo…..Romo……What is Jerry Jones going to do with you? Injury prone says volumes about a man who is injured almost every season almost all the time. Usually, when players get injured they get the sense of urgency more rapidly than others because of why?….Do not want to get injured again of course which means football I.Q. went up and injuries go down. Maybe it’s just me…


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