About me

About me

This is the site that I would Want all Chicagoans to get to know and love for I love my people and of course my sports teams. I was born in Chicago’s south side and raised in the one and only Leclaire Courts. From 43rd to 45th and Cicero ave. From Cicero ave. to Leamington. 616 homes that housed many great people such as myself. I went to and graduated from Phobe Hearst Elementary. Then, attended John F. Kennedy High School where I graduated there. I’m 31 years of age and growing up I had my brother and my sister and a beautiful woman named Sabrina Crawford who is my mother. Growing up could of been tough, but with her and my siblings made the stay wonderful and worry-free. Being there I always wanted my mother to have the best of things ,yet with the little we had were enough, i guess. But now that I’m all older with children to look after, it is time for a new start…. a new beginning…. a chance for a new era.


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