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Bulls are looking to sweep Celtics

Bulls are looking to sweep Celtics

The Bulls are looking primed and ready to go all in on the Boston Celtics. During the regular season, don’t get me wrong, looked as if the playoffs were going to be a milestone that the Bulls weren’t going to make happen, but they squeezed in at eighth seed and looking to upset the number one seed Celtics. After the first game, it was a close one 106 to 102 to be exact, and that win consisted of all players on the Bulls squad. The next game seemed as if the Bulls figured out the recipe to win against the Celtics this time scoring 111 to 97, Bulls way. My only thing which i still believe today is to stop Isaiah Thomas. He reminds me of Derrick Rose in a way which is he can create his own shots and not to mention make everyone else on his team a threat if he gets his way. But i feel that the Bulls coach seen that and place Butler on him and some times double teamed Isaiah so he couldn’t do what he does best and that is to threaten the paint. Multi-faceted player even playing through the loss of his younger sibling, his sister Chyna, due to a horrendous car accident. Yet he played through the pain and the organization of Boston held him on their shoulders. But, the fact of the matter is this, the game must go on and I’m seeing the Bulls taking care of business at home at the United Center to end the series with the next two games.


Cubs, Bulls, Bears!…oh my…

cubbiesLooking like the Beautiful Blues Brothers are heading to game seven with heads held high and with a pocket full of Chitown’z pride. From the beginning of the first inning, it was all Cubs. The woes of the Cleveland stadium were heard especially round the third inning with the Cubs at bat with one out, bases loaded and out comes Addison Russell hitting a Grand Slam bringing the boys home. The rest is history!


Looking like the Bulls are to a great start. On Monday night, gave the Nets something to think about. Jimmy Buckets 22 points, D. Wade with 12, Nikola’s double double along with Taj’s double double, gave the Bulls a 118-88 win. That places the Bulls in first place over Cleveland with the same record of 3-0. Nonetheless, it feels great to be in first place.